Gas Sector

Structure & Organization of the Gas Industry:

Over the years, the activates of Petrobangla has expanded and diversified to great extent. To manage these activities, specialized companies operating to perform specific objectives. Currently, there are thirteen companies operating  under Petrobangla, dealing in oil and gas exploration, production, transmission, distribution, conversion as well as development and marketing of coal and hard rock.



-Line Pipe

-Tape & Primer

-Water Bath Heater

-Liquid Separator

-Filter Separator

-Dry Gas Filter

-Knock Out Drum

-Butt Welding Fittings

-Hot Formed Bend

-Insulating Joint

-Ball Valve

-Globe Valve

-Screwed Ball Valve

-Scraper Trap


-Pre-Paid Gas Meter

-Diaphragm Meter

-Rotary Meter

-Turbine Meter

-Chart Recorder & Pen

-Flow Computer

-Natural Gas Processing Plant and equipment (RMS, DRS, CMS, CGS) spares & accessories