Power & Energy Sector

Structure and Organization of the Power & Energy Sector

The Ministry of Power, Energy & Mineral Resources  (MPEMR) has two Divisions headed by two secretaries; Power Division is responsible for all policies and matters relating to electricity generation, transmission and distribution from conventional and non-conventional energy sources including hydro electricity. Power Sector is unbundled with generation, transmission and distribution. It has six (6) generation, one (1) transmission and five (5) distribution entities. Besides, Power Cell provides policy supports. Sustainable Renewable Development Authority (SREDA) is the nodal agency for supporting sustainable and renewable energy development.



– Test & Measuring Equipments

– Power X-former

– Lineman’s Safety Equipments

– Fuse Cut Out & Lighting Arresters

– Meter Seal

– Capacitors

– Conductors, Cables & Wires

– Auto Splice & H-Type Connectors

–Electric Meters

–Oil Centrifuging Machine

–Meter Test Bench

–33/11 KV ACR

–Substation Equipment

–Conduit Systems

–Guy & Grounding Equipments

–Voltage Regulators

–Distribution Transformers


-Circuit Breakers



-Pole Line Hardware

-AC-DC Panels